A club in its own right, NEON is designed to be deep, dark and dramatic. Contrasted with it’s revolutionary LED matrix grid ceiling and it’s astounding digital video wall, the room is set to provide the most electric futuristic experience. Whilst the world renowned Funktion One sound system is Guaranteed to devastate.


Delivering a mixture of urban street decay through its graffiti clad walls contrasted by its Mansion like opulence. This spectacular auditorium will take your breath away! It features the latest Audio visual technologies, with state of the art lighting and mesmerizing digital shows, transforming this space via it’s 9 Metre wide video walls. Complimented by unrivaled supersonic quality bespoke Funktion One Dance stacks created for the discerning clubber.


Cocktail club is minimalistic yet elegant, showcasing spectacular colour LED lights embedded in the dark lacquer walls throughout the length of the room. The large decadent glass bar and luxurious high gloss boothed seating provides the perfect space. Everything about Cocktail Club exudes effortless style and a timeless, unsurpassed retro vibe.


This eclectic penthouse with flash sheet inspired artwork populating its walls, and neon lighting displays provides an alternative canvas encapsulating the attitude of the East End tattoo parlours. The walls are lined with plush seating for when the music gets too much. But we don’t see why you’d ever want to leave the dance floor.


General Admission (1st Release) *There is no difference between the tickets apart from the price.


Entry for ticket holders after 11pm will be accepted but cannot be guaranteed. *Management reserve the right to refuse entry upon arrival.


We have various booth packages available please contact liam@clubink.co.uk for more information.